2014 Social Media Trends

Which social networks will be thriving vs. surviving in 2014? Facebook, the giant in the room will celebrate their 10 year anniversary and continues to thrive. Google+ moves into second place with their number of monthly visitors, second only to Facebook. Foursquare’s having a hard time hanging on, while MySpace is finding its niche. LinkedIn continues to rule the B2B world. Twitter is still a favorite among marketers. Micro videos are on the rise. As if 1-3 minutes wasn’t quick enough, now it has to be 3-15 seconds on Vine or Instagram. Image centric sites will reign. Our society needs everything quicker and more beautiful than it ever has before. Oh, did I mention mobile. 2014 will be a time of cutting edge technology and investment in digital. If your company hasn’t embraced its role in the digital world, it needs too.